Marriage and Family Therapy

Alcohol use problems checklist

A. No. of units of alcohol in a typical day when drinking?
B. No. of days/week having alcoholic drinks?

If above limit, or if there is a regular/hazardous pattern, continue below
1. Have you been unable to stop, reduce or continue your drinking?
2. Have you ever felt such a strong desire or urge to drink that you could not resist it?
3. Did stopping or cutting down on your drinking ever cause you problems, such as:

  • · the shakes?
  • · being unable to sleep?
  • · feeling nervous or restless?
  • · sweating?
  • · heart beating fast?
  • · headaches?
  • · fits or seizures?

4. Have you ever continued to drink when you know that you had problems that can be
made worse by drinking?
5. Has anyone expressed concern about your drinking; eg your family, friends or your
Summing up
If A x B is 21/week or more for men, or 14/week or more for women: possible alcohol

If A x B is 21/week or more for men, or 14/week or more for women and positive to any
of 1-5: likely alcohol problem

Original source: WHO Guide to Mental and Neurological Health in Primary Care



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