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Jamie Inman is available for speaking engagements. Her topics include but are not limited to:

SECRETS OF A HAPPY MARRIAGE: Have you been married long enough to find yourself staring at your mate with the disquieting thought, “That is not the person I married.” After more than 40 years of marriage (to the same man!) Jamie has learned that disillusionment does not have to signal the end of love. With the right attitude and approach couples can embrace disillusionment as growing pains.

Titles include "Making fire out of wood and water" and "The rocks in his head fill the holes in mine."

  • WE NEVER OUTGROW THE ABC’S: Whether you are writing a peace treaty or a grocery list, it’s all the same alphabet. No shame in returning to square one.
  • EVERYTHING IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE—Lots of knowledge too often equals just a swollen head and an ego to match. Jamie explores why simple concepts are often difficult to apply, and how to move from merely “talkin the talk to walkin the walk.”
  • CHANGE IS ONLY ONE DECISON AWAY: You decided yourself to where you are now, and the only way out is one decision after another in a new direction.
  • LESSONS I LEARNED FROM THE TEETERTOTTER: Balance is essential for it to work and be fun. How imbalance takes the fun out of life and turns it into work and misery

FINDING MYSELF IN A PSYCH WARD: from both seats in the therapy office Jamie has wrestled with mistaken ideas many have about mental illness. She explores how a clear understanding of the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of our human makeup can help sufferers (and their loved ones) live in more freedom.

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